(This was posted very late because I forgot!)


There was high drama RIGHT up till the closing of our house on Friday.  At intermission at the ballet, Matt texted me that I should call him right ASAP because “we might not be closing.”  This was at 11am, their signing was supposed to be at 1pm, but the title company still had not received the info from their mortgage company.  One hour later it was back on, and delayed.  Problem was this:  we’d arranged to sign after them because after all they’d put us through, we just thought there would be too much tension in the room.  Truth is, I didn’t think I could be civil to the jerk.  (Deiter had the nerve to propose that if the mortgage company could not get the paperwork together in time, that we do a “dry close” where we sign the papers but the disbursement check gets handed out on Monday.  I know, right?)


So we ended up being there at the same time, in different rooms, and we left with a check in our hands.  All is well, as long as the title company doesn’t go belly up between now and the time our money clears.  Nah …


We are not homeowners.  We are debt free (until we buy another house).  And we are done with Deiter for good.

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