My kids and I have been discussing what I knew about the Issues on the Ohio ballot, but tonight was the real discussion.  I had to look up the details to a few, and involved them in my research.  it was fascinating to watch my critical thinkers ask the following about Issue 1 (which proposes an amendment to the Ohio Constitution to give a bonus to vets of the Gulf conflicts of a decade ago).  Some of their questions were:

How much money are they proposing Ohio borrow?
How long will it take to pay it off?
How much are the vets and families getting?
What is the financial status of Ohio at this time?
Is this something that governments do (asking about precedent here)?
How will it get paid back?
Is Ohio the position to be going into debt over this?

I was so impressed!  It was fascinating to watch their sharp minds really, really think through these issues and the ramifications of government involvement.  I wonder how many people vote without having done their research, or who cannot think through all details and effects of proposed issues? 

We also discussed Issue 2, of which i am fairly well informed.  (Vote NO!)  It was a good chance to teach my kids when something that has merit must be sent back the drawing board because the solution is poorly laid out and ripe for corruption.  It was a great opportunity to show them that we voters are not forced to accept what is put in front of us, or else succumb to the fear that proponents invariably incite in order to push their agenda.  Say no, and tell them to come back with something acceptable!

I hope you'll vote on Tuesday, after having educated yourself on the issues.  The only thing more dangerous than citizens who don't vote is voting citizens who are not informed enough to know that they are cattle being herded into the booths to vote the agenda of whichever group of people has the most amount of money.
3/2/2011 01:46:49 pm

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.


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