Just checking in here so that you can breathe.  I know you're all holding your breath, waiting anxiously for the next installment of the Z Show.  :-)

Carpet is being installed today in the basement and Noelle's room.  We had to pull up the old stuff to get the discount.  I do not recommend it ... and I didn't even do most of the work.  It's just way too messy and too gross to look at what is underneath old carpet.  What did they do, dump buckets of sand in the basement??  The current plan is to put the house on the market July 1st.  We missed June, and apparently we're all about round numbers, so we're shooting for that.  In the meantime, I'm both panicking and apathetic about our own house situation.  Matt is just not buying the renovation project I had in mind, and nothing out there seems perfect.  He is fairly excited about the prospect of building, which I guess I could go for, but it delays putting the house on the market.  Or does it?  I guess there's always moving twice -- moving into a rental until our house is ready and then moving again.

It would help if we had a plan, wouldn't it?  For some reason we just can't seem to make up our minds and settle on something because we're still holding out hope that we'll sell our house, and at that very same moment the perfect house on the perfect land for the perfect price will show up on the MLS.  I like to look at it as surrender to God's will  -- if we sell, then He must want us to move and He'll make it know where that should be.  If we don't sell, well that's another answer.  It's certainly an answer ...

Operation Potty Training is going great.  They still need frequent reminders when they're out playing, and there are a few accidents here and there if I forget to remind them, but that's not too bad in my book.  But there is bad news ... My boys have lost their ability to go No. 2.  They know they're not allowed to go in their pants, but they still have an aversion to doing it on the potty, despite their best efforts to assure me that today will be the day.  So instead of doing either, they're simply not going.  Great.  Oh well ... I never really liked the whole pooping thing anyway.  Glad they don't ever want to do that again.

My dear friend Traci had a baby and I got to see sweet little Jake Hudson last night.  Must say, I really have mixed emotions about that whole new baby thing (I mean in as much as it concerns me having another-- I've only got happiness for them).  I don't want to be preggers, but I just LOVE newborns, and have such good associations with being in the hospital with a newborn. At that point I'm so euphoric that I'm not pregnant that I'm not focusing on anything bad!  She and I talked about the fact that we'd be PERFECT adoptive parents because we could have our cake and eat it too ... but neither one of our husbands would ever go for it.  Isn't that a bummer?


Ok, floors to mop.  Gotta run.  Bye.

7/11/2008 07:58:18 am



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