So today was Day 2 in the Potty Training Saga.  Now I didn't say that the days were consecutive.  I just said it was the second day.  My schedule, life, and obligations lately are making it tough to do my usual Cold Turkey routine, but nevertheless we have been very successful.

Picture the scene. One cute little blonde boy with a Swim Trunks Tan (but minus the trunks) -- 2 feet tall and the roundest buns you’ve ever seen --walking around my back patio and deck.  Also with him is the bigger boy, totally simple and naive in his own lovable way, also walking around naked out back.  Lettin' it all hang out!  (If you're scandalized by this, see the note below.)  We gave them bubbles, water guns, WHATEVER it takes to keep them busy, and we gave them anything at all that they might want to drink no matter how much sugar it might have in it.  We want them to DRINK!  Each time we did it, there was quite a bit of waiting involved, but once the floodgates opened, there was pee from Owen every 10 minutes!  When it came out, I caught it in the Potty Bowl and viola! – there’s no such thing as an accident!

On Day One, Owen had 6 successes, and Jonny two.  Today they each had five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jonny had a harder time with both the concept and the adjustment, but little Owen’s success surely has helped.   Jonny seems to be having a harder time physically making it, but (bless his heart) he grunts and pushes until he gets some in that bowl.  Today they each also had a success on the actual potty.  Step 2 is to get Jonny relaxed enough to just empty his bladder, but for now I’m just thrilled with our little success.  This is way beyond anything we’ve ever gotten out of him!  J

Only a parent would understand what I’m about to say, but here it is.  (If you don’t have kids, you’ll just have to wait till you do to understand.)  There is nothing cuter than a little pudgy two-year-old standing there making pee come out of its little body.  NOTHING.  And the pride on his little face is undescribable.

Now for the naked issue … Because Jonny is so child-like, and because he’s in diapers/Pull-ups still, it’s very common for the girls to see him naked.  They don’t bat an eye at it, just as they don’t when they see their two-year-old brother.  It’s just a matter-of-fact way of life around here, and the whole clan is VERY involved and supportive of this potty-training endeavor.  So lest you think we’ve horrified our girls or Jonny, for that matter, let me assure you that it’s nothing out of the ordinary and has followed from having Jonny’s special needs in our family.  I like to think that because they see boy parts all the time in such an innocent, healthy way they will not be so curious later!  J



6/17/2008 09:04:56 am

Those boys are so cute. I'm happy for you that the potty training is going well! It's kinda funny to think about how excited we adults get when there's a little pee pee in the potty. :)


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