Matt and I were chatting over dinner the other night (the one we had out ALONE), and I was relating to him a conversation I had had with my sister earlier that day.  She is attending birthing classes, and I was casually telling Matt that her first class on childbirth was actually the class on breastfeeding.  The first video was an innocent view of the back of the baby’s head and the mother’s breast, but others were not so discreet and the baby’s father was a little taken aback had exclaimed that he’d never seen so many ‘boobs’ in his whole life.


Well, apparently Matt missed the word “video”.  He kept looking at me with this smirk on his face … and finally said to me, “Really, they do that?”  I was confused.  I mean, I know we never attended a birthing class, but was that so hard to believe that there would be videos of breasts in a breastfeeding class?


He thought there were LIVE women’s breasts all over the place.  No babies, just women and their partners -- and other women’s partners – and their breasts.



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