After two days of them living in our house without an agreement in place, we seem to be close to something.  We have asked them to up the Earnest Money again, payable to us immediately if they do not close Dec. 12.  We have asked for the money that they owe us for having lived in the house until the closing, a full month's rent, and the ability to show the house as a backup.

They claim they cannot give us the additional earnest money, but that they have already put $3000 in replacements into the new house so they "plan to stay."  Matt told our realtor that if they cannot afford more earnest money which they will GET BACK if they fullful their end of the bargain, then they should not be doing anything to OUR HOUSE.   We told them it's not negotiable and they should make arrangements to move out tomorrow if we don't have an agreement in place by tonight.

The only reason we're still dealing with these guys is because our realtor's in-house mortgage company said they see no reason why he couldn't get a loan.  Then why don't they have one????  We're trying not to let it get ugly if we can still get a buyer out of the deal, but they are making it hard.  You'd think they'd at least fork over the money they owe us for living there last week, as a sign of good faith!!!

I will update tonight after we hear from them ... or after their deadline expires, whichever comes first.

Oy, the stress!

11/16/2008 10:43:06 am

Oh my gosh natalee..... can't we just have a smooth move?? :) I cannot believe this is happening!!! I am so sorry. When will you know something?

11/18/2008 06:32:46 am

this is the part I keep having to read over and over again; "that they have already put $3000 in replacements into the new house" UNBELIEVABLE!

10/20/2009 12:23:34 am

Oh the lovely closing process. It's such a pain.


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