Mia and I were discussion her First Confession today, and how she is old enough to discern what is right and wrong about most situations, even if it isn't something we've ever discussed.  She was really thinking and taking it all in.  I explained that when little one does something wrong, usually it's curiosity or something like that; not a desire to do something wrong.  I explained that as they get older, if they are disciplined by someone, they start to learn to avoid certain things simply because of the spanking, not because they can comprehend that they have done something wrong, as can she.

She was really thinking ...

Then I used Jonny as an example, explaining that even though he was older he did not have the use of reason, because he (and then she nodded emphatically and finished my sentence, "... has Special Effects."

Well, he kinda does, doesn't he.  ;-)
3/5/2010 10:53:31 pm

I just love that and Mia is such a sweetheart.

Carolyn McClorey
3/6/2010 12:42:55 am

Just as special as the ones in the movies!


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