I've got a million things going on and to do in my life, some of which are important, and some of which ... not so much.  But in spite of it all, or maybe because of it all (hello, procrastination?  my best friend.) I lay out in the sun today for over an hour.

OK, in my defense, the first 20 minutes of it we did school, until we all got sleepy.  Then some of the perkier girls started playing Spa and I was the lucky recipient of some free foot massages.  Mia, who is no bigger than a minute, was putting lotion on my legs while I was lying on my stomach.  She was feeling quite the part and as she squirted some lotion into her hand and rubbed them together, she surprised me a little when she said, "Now I'n gonna rub some here, (slap!) on this big, fat part.


My upper thigh.  Greaaaat.  Thanks, Mia, for the little boost I needed to get back to good eating habits.  And I think I'll add one extra day at the gym.  No more bikinis around that girl.  Too hard on my ego. 

4/7/2008 08:39:05 am

"Mia, who is no bigger than a minute..." what a good way to say it :-) Cute!

4/8/2008 03:58:16 am

okay, I commented on the wrong one... my comment on this post is on the post below.... i am a little slow on the uptake!! :)


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