Well, just in case you’re wondering … no we still don’t have a place to live on November 1st.  We have looked at everything that seems worth seeing, and many, many that didn’t but we gave them a chance anyway.  Nothing makes me jump up and down, and don’t you think a girl should be jumping up and down at this point in her life?


That last one just wasn’t going to provide the kind of privacy I’m looking for.  I can’t do aquarium living (that’s what I call subdivision-style living), and even though this one wasn’t IN a subdivision, it was surrounded by them and the back yards abutted the property with very little foliage.


So I’ve stopped looking, and have started concentrating on “temporary housing”.  My big fear right now is that Dieter (that’s the name of the guy buying our house … try not to snort) will be unable to secure a loan in these turbulent times.  Perhaps that's why I haven't started packing.  Maybe the fear is unfounded; I’ve heard nothing that would indicate that he will have problems, except that the world is coming to an end. 


Speaking of ... How about that stock market, eh?  That's for people with iron stomachs ... we're counting ourselves as one of them.  Gulp! 

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