It’s been a busy couple of days, so I’m late giving you my opinions of the houses. Basically all thumbs down … it’s funny how I don’t always know that until the next day.

This house could be beautiful if someone were willing to give it a serious facelift.  It was very large.  It doesn’t have a nice view, however, as it backs up to a winery.  You’re looking at what looks like barns and equipment.  The acreage isn’t appropriate for horses either …

This one was very pretty on the inside, but it was just a minor step up.  If we weren’t looking for acreage, the private setting would be soooo appealing.  But I don’t want to go through all this trouble for just a minor step up.  I want space!!!

This house was pretty ugly, but HUGE.  The whole time I was walking through it I was wondering how I could rip up the outsides and put on a different porch or other structure to make it look less modern.  The inside could use some pretty serious cosmetic help too.  Matt was predictably impressed with it, because he isn’t as concerned about styles.  He likes space and the clean lines of modern.  I could do without it!  If the land were perfect, I probably would give in and work with it.  Unfortunately, all the acres were wooded.

So that leaves me with one choice ... keep moving on.  I guess there's no problem there, since our buyers still have no buyers!

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