Dieter coughed up the money because we would not budge.  Pay or move out, is literally what we told them.  Lo and behold! He found the money.

So now all we have to do it wait around and see if they actually close.  I’ll tell you one thing he wasn’t lying about: they painted.  We drove by and our door is pinkish-something, and the lights in the open windows let us see that our walls are different too.  How did I know this guy lacked taste?

In other news, I’ve just recently won a mini-battle with the school secretary at Jonny’s old school.  She raised some kind of H-E-Double Hockeysticks because I didn’t jump through hoops and send her something she had no right to ask for.  After several days of anxiety ( I totally overreact to this kind of stuff) and several phone calls with nicer but equally ignorant higher-ups, I now have everyone agreeing that I was completely compliant, that they don’t indeed have to give me permission to homeschool, and all is well.  I was nice (except to Mrs. Chapman) but very firm.  It helps to know the law inside and out on this!

One last bit … I got some news recently about a loved one.  I’m not at liberty to discuss, but if you have any extra prayers or moments, I would appreciate if you’d pray for the family involved.

I hope to be around here a little more often – I finally have internet in the main area again – but now that I’m homeschooling SIX kids, I am so incredibly busy.  I hardly have time to … well, you know.  Most of yoou are parents.  You also don’t have time to “you know.”  J  But I’m still loving every minute of it, and can’t believe I’m so blessed to be able to do this!

11/21/2008 08:11:13 am

Boy, he is a piece of work!!!!

11/22/2008 09:55:01 pm

I am calling you TODAY!! Please answer your phone!!!! :)

11/25/2008 10:11:20 am

I am dying for a new update. When is the new closing scheduled? And that thing about Jonny's schooling...scary! I am so out of the loop...

12/5/2008 09:35:51 am

hey.... where are you??? I need to know what is going on in the Ziebro household.


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