But it's not what you're thinking!  At about 5:30AM Matt and I both sat upright and kinda freaked out because not only was our bed shaking, but so was the whole house.  At first, I thought it was a tornado, and went to grab the kids, as Matt went downstairs to look out the windows and see what he could see.   It was over almost as soon as it started (though I would say it lasted a good minute or so), and we quickly came to the conclusion that it had been an earthquake, or at least an aftershock of someone else's earthquake.  We could hardly believe it, and it felt like we were coming to crazy, sleepless conclusions.  But with no wind outside, and no bulldozers pushing our house over (as Matt initially imagined in his grogginess), we had no other possible conclusions to draw.  We lay in bed, unable to go back to sleep for a while, and every once in a while one of us would get freaked out all over again.

This is possibly the craziest thing that has ever happened to me!

Did you feel anything?

4/19/2008 09:56:46 am

There was an earthquake. It was a 5.4 on the R scale in Mt. Carmel, IL.

4/19/2008 11:13:42 am

I'm kinda bummed that I missed it. I first heard it from the skyline chili drive through guy and didn't really believe him, but then others mentioned it. Too wierd.

4/20/2008 11:28:57 pm

Funny title :-) And I felt nothing :-(


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