Well, I think it’s only fair to tell you what has been going on around here during my silence …


I’ve lost my mind.


It’s a sad thing to most people, I know, but seriously I’m having a very good time while I’m (temporarily) insane.  You see it all started with horseback riding lessons last fall.  Horse fever hit very hard around here.  And I thought it would pass …


And then springtime came, and two more kid had caught it.  Now on a weekly basis we truck on down to the Carriage House Farms and Riverwind Stables to get our fix.


Now I’ve caught it.  Well, it’s a different strain.  I didn’t catch the I’ve-got-to-be-around-horses-every-second-of-the-day strain.  I’ve caught the I-want-my-kids-to-have-and-be-around-horses-because-it’s-a-great-learning-opportunity strain.  I blame it on my homeschooling sickness.  My husband thinks I’m certifiable, and so I probably am.  I mean, have you ever met a person who invites more work into her life than I?


Today there were kittens on the farm.  Mia thought she had died and gone to Heaven. (Love that girl!)  I can’t help it; when I was a little girl I used to own a Momma cat who had kittens, and when I look at the love and devotion on her face, I KNOW how she’s feeling.  And I know that it will not fade; she simply will either learn to feed it or learn to starve it through lack of contact.


Did I mention that my husband thinks I’m certifiable?  Yes, that corporate VP of Sales, who detests anything country or animal, probably also wonders what he has done to deserve to be married to this lunatic that wants to now own a family farm.


Yes I did say that.  JUST A SMALL FARM, SWEETIE!  I’m talking two horses, a few kittens, and maybe just a few chickens.  Yes, I said chickens.  Now don’t hold me to that, but who can resist these cute chicken coops?  And free, fresh, organic eggs?  And constant entertainment for the upcoming kiddos?


We’ll see what happens.  He’s a stubborn man, but I happen to have him right where I want him (most of the time).  The other day I was having second thoughts on the whole horse, mud, poop, stalls, winter thing, so I may chicken out (ha ha) before we ever get there.  And did I mention that houses on farms kinda suck?  Yeah, that’s not going to be easy for any of us to swallow – moving down just to get the land.  But we could always renovate or build …


So that’s what is preoccupying my lately.  There are a few other things, but there’s not enough big news in the other departments to warrant a whole post.  Yet.  Stay tuned.

5/15/2008 10:07:41 pm

We have lots of land up here! We'd love to have you and your chickens and kittens and Ziebros set up in our back yard . . .

Carolyn McClorey
5/18/2008 07:58:53 am

Oh, I vote hobby farm all the way. Love the chicken idea (by the way, not just eggs, but butchered chickens and there are people to do that for you). And you could have a garden, and hills to sled on, and the dog and cat of course, and horses, and if it were all too much, you'd just be left with an extra big yard to mow and your kids could help with that. Don't forget privacy, and bonfires and fruit trees......ok, I'll stop.

5/19/2008 12:34:15 pm

I would have to agree with Matt.... you have lost your mind. :) Maybe if I wasn't so pregnant all of that would sound fun... now it just sounds like a lot of work. But, you should totally go for it!!!

Seriously, let's get together this week!


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