You may not know this about me, but I rarely buy expensive clothes.  I take such pride in my bargains, and I don't mind shopping at thrift stores.  The great thing?  I think I do it so well that most people would never guess.  Or am I delusional?

I totally want to do this challenge!

I will post here when I get my camera to behave.  I might even do more than one!

5/10/2009 00:51:40

I can't wait to see your outfit...I think I might try it too.. I need some new clothes. Where are you going to go?

5/17/2009 19:48:02

I always think you are dressed nicely. I think I wil try this challange this week. Although I think cheap flip flip should be considered legal becasue for one you can get them cheap and when you have a large foot like mine it is hard to find cute shoes used.

7/3/2012 07:36:28

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