When I added up everything involved in what I thought was going to be another $20 outfit, I found that it was a $30 outfit.  Boo.

I'll include a small photo of it for your viewing pleasure, but it's sort of irrelevant now!  It's a much cuter outfit in person anyway.  :-(

7/7/2009 11:01:41 pm

You are SO skinny, Honey!!! Good for you, you are a knock-out. Enjoy Chicago!

7/8/2009 02:36:59 am

Holy Hot mamma!!!! I left this really long comment on your last post and then it told me that Webbly's website is down. REally Mr. Webbly, you couldn't have told me that before I started typing my novel to my friend Natalee?

Anyway, Nat.... you look freakin awesome and who cares that you went over $30... still good.


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