It's pathetic that I blog so little these days.  I'm just so busy, and not really efficient at my time management.  Being on a schedule would probably help me so much, but it's absolutely painful for my personality.

Here are some things I AM getting done:


Wonderful, healthy meals

House cleaning.

That's almost literally all I'm doing these days.  I gotta live a little!

So tomorrow night I'm going out.  In fact, I'll be out all day -- it's the Nutcracker with my big girls in the AM, then lunch then ... guess what?  We are supposed to close on our house!!!  I know, I know, I've said that before.  I'll update you tomorrow.

After this weekend, it's a new start for me.  I'm going to get myself on a better schedule, and try to say a few words to you now and again.  It's not that I don't blog, it's just that it never makes it past my brain ... but I'm working on that.

Carolyn M.
12/13/2008 03:38:10 am

I totally forgot to ask you last night about the Nutcracker and the romantic to take the girls out for such great stuff! I will wait to hear about it here so you will have to blog. Hope Magiannos didn't set you off to a bad start last night. Thanks for the company in the "other room" poor young thing -ha.......had we done the quick math for that woman, the number right there would have been 20. For the whole table? - 35 blessings and one on the way.


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