Seriously, I can't believe your still even checking this blog.  it's been nearly 3 weeks since I've posted and it only seems like a few hours.  Time is flying by because I'm immersed up to my eyeballs in all things moving and school and potty training.  Finishing school, that is.  And not actually moving but trying to, that is.  And gearing up for potty training, not actually starting the training, but it's crowding my brainspace.

Once we start living at the pool to avoid messing up the house, I'll have a harder time blogging but I've got a plan.  You see, my philosophy goes this way: if i had a laptop, then i could blog EVERYWHERE and ... and therefore I need a laptop.  Because you guys are THAT important.

But since I won't be getting a laptop, I'm just going to have to try to be a little more determined about regular updates.  What good is it having a blog if I'm not going to keep it up a little better?  I'll have to carve out a little time in between searching for new homes to say hello to my blog buddies.

First I'll start by giving myself a little accountability partner (that's you).  I'll be posting photos of the rooms that I photograph to put on the MLS, and I need a little deadline.  How about by Monday?  Done.

I'll try to see you around more often.

6/4/2008 12:55:59 pm

I'm still reading!
Your biggest fan

Carolyn M.
6/5/2008 01:09:31 pm

I'm still reading too! Post your own house, but don't forget to post your prospects too, so we can share in the excitement. Reading your blog is ten times better than writing in my own, I'm just brain-dead, and potty training is crowding my brain too....but not enough to start yet!

Read ya Monday.

6/7/2008 12:57:17 am

of course I am still reading!

6/8/2008 11:52:43 am

Yeah... I'm so glad you back!! I was wondering what was going on with you. I can't believe we haven't seen you guys in like a month. What's up?????


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