I know you don't care, but I went through the tro



1.  Your spouse is sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?  

ESPN, ESPN2, NatGeo, History Channel, Food Network (my influence)

2.  Who takes longer showers, you or him?  

Totally me, but I will totally know if I'm supposed to wash my hair or not.  He's got systems, but he sometimes can't remember if it's hair washing day.  And I'm shaving in the shower ... totally skews the results.

3.  What is one food your spouse doesn't like? 


4.  What would your husband say is the first thing that caught his eye about you?

He saw a photo of me in a Nativity play (I was Mary) and thought I was pretty ... his sisters knew me and totally tried to talk him out of it.  His sisters are some of my best friends now.  :-)

5.  Where did he go to high school?

Brecksville HS and St. Gertrude Academy

6.  What is his shoe size?


7.  If he were to collect something, what would it be? 

He doesn't collect anything, really, but he could maaaaaybe be talked into collecting tennis racquets.  Or cars.

8.  What is his favorite type of sandwich?   Does Chipotle count?  OK ... corned beef and rye from Simons in Cleveland.

9. How does he take his coffee? He doesn't drink the stuff ... but I have talked him into sharing Caramel Macchiato with me.

10.  What is his favorite cereal?   Grape Nuts flakes, Cap'n Crunch

11.  Where did he go to college?   Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University

12.  What is his favorite sports team?  Pittsburgh Steelers, Ohio State (football), Cleveland Cavs

13.  Where was your first date?  Coffee at Perkins.  Shut up, it was romantic. 

14.  What is something I do that he wishes I wouldn't? 

15.  What is his heritage?
Polish.  English

16.  You bake him a cake for his birthday, what kind is it? 
Angel Food cake.

17.  What could he spend hours doing? Working.  Playing tennis.  Watching football.

18.  What is one unique talent he has? He can tell you who sings just about any song, and he will recognize the song in 2 beats.  Pick just about any era.

19.  Where is his favorite place he has traveled?  Jekyl Island, GA.  or San Diego.

20.  What is a clothing item he would never wear?
Sandals ...but I'm working on pool shoes.  Tennis shoes and socks gets old.

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Hope is the word which God has written on the brow of every man.


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