This is a most round-about way of getting you photos of the house, but here it is at last.  Wanna buy it?

We're trying not to be greedy on the price, knowing that we will likely get a really good deal ourselves on a house.  Matt was here when the realtor took the photos and hashed out the details.  I had to laugh when I noticed that he put something about the "great neighbors."  They are, by most people's standards.  It's just funny because it's the main reason I want to move: their kids!

Sorry I've been so absent.  We're always gone now, in an effort to keep the house intact.  I guess you all better join me in asking God for a quick sale if you want me to keep blogging.  And while you're at it, ask Him for 5-10 acres, and a really, really beatuiful house because right now there's nothing out there that I like.

Carolyn M.
7/20/2008 01:44:11 am

Very nice photos. Wow, the basement is like I've never seen it (probably like you've never seen it either!) Enjoyed the tour.

7/20/2008 12:58:53 pm

Have you had many showings? The house looks awesome!

7/21/2008 09:29:52 am

How on earth did you manage to have it so immaculately clean long enough to take pics? Factoring in Johnny alone I don't know how you did it...


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