I wrote the next four posts on napkins at a restaurant tonight; proof to you that I do indeed blog a lot – it’s getting it on a computer that’s the problem.  I NEED A LAPTOP!  (I just showed that to Matt.)


OK, so tell me how sad is this?  My man LOVES football (though he’d deny it), but can no longer even watch football “through the snowflakes” on our one fuzzy channel.  Our old TV is broken.  It would be like watching Midnight football, only without the lights.  So we’ve gotten into this habit of going to a nearby sports bar, paying money to watch their TV, eat their food, and only watch part of a game because if we stayed for the whole thing our babysittin’ daughter would be up too late.


Do ya’ think we need a TV?


But I’m not really complaining.  I’m getting’ a night out!

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