I would love to know your comments on this.  I viewed it skeptically at first, but found myself surprisingly impressed by it.

The story I read was that this man was depressed and just need to reach out to humanity.  I know that I would have been one of those people who would have walked by him.  What would you have done?

I still think I'd walk by him.  What would you do?


Carolyn Foret
7/12/2008 01:02:49 am

I would have hugged him. I love hugs. I hug everybody. The church we belong to has to be the most hugging church I have ever been in. Our pastor hugs us as we walk out of the door. Barry is minister to Senior Adults in our church. You won't get walk past them without getting a hug. A hug lets you feel God's love in such a special way.

7/13/2008 06:37:10 am

mmm..... I don't think I would have hugged him, but I love the idea. I am just a big weenie when it comes to strangers and hugging them!! :)

Carolyn M.
7/13/2008 07:08:47 am

If he's depressed I'd love to talk about it over a cup of coffee, but I'd walk by the guy, sorry dude.

7/13/2008 10:27:01 am

I might have hugged him.

7/14/2008 10:42:23 am

Very cool! Notice how every one who hugged him had huge smiles on their faces when they walked away. That cute granny - the first one who hugged him - was so adorable. And, I like to think I wouldn't have been scared of a stranger and would have hugged him... hope so. Thanks for posting that.


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