For your entertainment, here are the celebrities I would have lunch with:

Jack Black  --for the entertainment value he would surely bring, and because he seems unintimidating to me.  I would have to ask him to refrain from bathroom humor, but if he picked up the tab, I might look the other way ... once.

Amanda Peet -- because I think she is beautiful and darling seems real.  And I totally think we could be friends.

Angelina Jolie -- I know most of you think she's skanky, but I would like to have lunch with her just to talk about how much we like our kids, and because I want to give her two thumbs up and say "nice job."  Plus, I want to see if she is as beautiful in person, and whether or not her figure has gone down the tubes when there's no airbrushing to be had.  Hey, I'm a girl, what can I say?

Also for your consideration, Matt would like to have lunch with the following: Elizabeth Banks, Jessica Biel, and Amanda Peet --after I'm done having lunch with her (this made me laugh so hard; like we can't both have lunch with her.  Oh I get it, all his "lunch dates" are women.  Hmmm ...)

Carolyn M.
3/29/2009 07:54:12 am

Angolina is not only beautiful, she's in that goddess beautiful category, I'm just not sure how real the girl is but maybe in ways. I like Elizabeth Banks too. Too bad you're only gonna have lunch with me-ha. Speaking of that.....

Mary Lou
4/15/2009 09:09:10 pm

Sorry, Nat . . .
Angelina Jolie is a borderline/narcissist psychopath who is using those children to create an image for herself. She has created different images for herself in the past, and likes to change course when the image no longer serves her. . . surely this image will not last forever, and when she again changes what she thinks she will be, her children will be left in the dust. I'd bet the bank on it!!


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