Does anyone else feel like they should go ahead and just co-habitate with their senators?  I mean, seriously.  Apparently I should be talking to them every hour.  I currently have about 7 emails in my inbox from the last few days telling me that in some way or another our country is going to Hell in a handbasket and I should start screaming really loudly so that doesn’t happen.

It's not like I don't take it seriously, or that I don't want to do it.  It's just frustrating when you have a mere few hours to CHANGE THE WORLD, and yet you have to get kids to tennis, stop fights, make lunch, etc.  Perhaps I should just get a direct line, " Hey Bill, it's me again.  So I'm thinking you'd better not vote for that one or I'm going to have to start a smear campaign in this hometown of yours."  Yeah, I daydream about scare tactics and big influence.  How else is a housewife supposed to keep herself motivated to keep calling when it doesn't seem to do a thing! 

I guess getting a good president in can really save you a lot of crap, eh?  Go Ron Paul for 2012!

8/14/2009 10:16:00 pm

You have enunciated my thoughts on the subject of contacting congressmen about every bad bill perfectly!! They have the power now, and our little phone calls and e-mails do not effect them.

8/16/2009 03:11:31 am

I totally agree with Mar's comment.


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