I find that reentry into blogging after an absence is a lot like getting back on that diet once you've gone off.  It's like what I imagine quitting smoking would be like, too.  The first time, your resolve is good.  You got that health scare or that look in the dressing room mirror to scare you straight, and you go at it with both guns ablazing.  But then you go away from it for whatever reason, and getting back on that wagon is so much harder!

I have started several drafts and didn't finish, so now I'm having to resort to bullet points to catch you up.  Do you mind?  Consider it necessity, because sometimes one of the things that keeps me from blogging is that I'm overwhelmed with the thought of how much I should catch you all up on.

1. Our Steelers won.  We cheered.  We screamed.  We were in disbelief.  And then like so many other gratifying things in life ... in just a few days you kinda forget that it happened at all and have to admit that it really didn't impact your life that much.  Oh who's kidding whom ... I'm only a fan because I love to see the kids (and Matt) all happy when the Steelers win.

2. We have Chicken Pox.  We got them on purpose, and it downright exciting waiting for those little blisters.  Noelle has a good case of them, and Jonny has only a few.  The jury is still out on the other two.

3. I have rediscovered my love for entertaining.  Lately we seem to be Party Central for our homeschool group because our house accomodates so many and because we are centrally located.  It's been fun, and it's keeping my house really clean!

4. I'm so very annoyed at the media handling of the Octuplet story.  I guess it just hits kinda close to home.  I would not be bringing them into this world as a single mom, nor in the manner in which she has chosen to do it.  Also, I think there is a reason that God does not naturally send that many babies to one woman at once under natural circumstances.  HOWEVER, perfect strangers are angry with this woman for not KILLING her babies (humanely called 'selective reduction of a pregnancy').  Perfect strangers are irritated with her, even though she has insisted that she will not go on welfare.  She actually seemed quite responsible to me, and quite the loving mother.  Imagine the American public thinking they have a SAY in what this woman does with her body when abortion is legal.  And the way the media asks the questions, with a glint in their eye and a condescending tone ... disgusting.

Many, many Americans are on welfare with fewer kids, but somehow that doesn't make the news as a personal interest story.  Many, many Americans are in so much debt that they are unable to pay their mortgages, thereby putting the burden on fellow taxpayers, but somehow that doesn't make people demand they kill off their children.  And if America had it's way, I'd not have many of my beautiful babies either.  I didn't have them all at once, but believe me, it was FAR too close and too many to make most people comfortable.

Here's a good article on the topic.


2/9/2009 10:46:53 am

I really really don't understand why people are so outraged by a large family. It's not like they have to raise the kids and they aren't required to have that many. So why do they give a damn?

2/9/2009 11:26:31 am

I've been having the exact same thoughts about the octuplet thing. I've been so angry about it but no one at work seems to understand why I am so annoyed! I read this article with this doctor talking about how the kids ARE going to have (not "might have") emotional problems because there are so many of them, and will definitely need therapy later in life. It's so maddening to read that stuff!

2/14/2009 06:27:06 am

While it does make me angry that everyone thinks such negative thoughts about a large family, it does upset me when she says she will not go on welfare. SHE DOSEN'T NEED TO. She receives SSI (government funded-which we pay for with our taxes) for 3 of the six children at home. They had disabilities and she get $800 a month for each one of them THAT'S $2400.OO A MONTH. And, she recieves another government check(again our tax dollars at work) for going to school and not working. Finally, she receives food stamps(our tax dollars again).

The one I feel sorry for is her parents. She is living with them (in a very small 3 bedroom house) and they take care of the children while she goes to school.

The mother was interviewed on Dr. Phil and Grandmom said Mom does not give them any money for food or the mortgage. Grandmom didn't even know she was receiving that much money of our money.

Grandmom said she was not happy about more grandbabies. She is already very tired.

I don't know about you, but I have a real problem with that and I think that might be why some people are angry and also think that it is their business.

7/22/2010 04:46:48 am

I don't think a large family is bad, but rather - good.


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