That’s what it sounds like around here when the power goes back on.  It’s a welcome sound, let me tell you …  We hardly ever lose power here, and it’s sorta fun for the first few hours … candles to go upstairs, handwashing dishes, an excuse not to do laundry (as if I need something this serious to prevent me from doing it!).  But after 24 hours, it gets a little wearing.  Thankfully we are back on the grid.


It was harrowing around here catching the backside of Ike’s anger.  See what happened at our house?  Thankfully it fell in the right direction.  During the big wind, we were actually on our way to a homeschool group picnic, but it became clear just as we got there that this wasn’t going to happen.  Branches were falling and tiles were coming off roofs.  Matt could hardly keep our Suburban on the highway, and I was stressed about the possibility of other cars getting blow into us.  God is good.  We are all safe.


More later …

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