I’m going out to night.  La la.  I’m going out tonight.  La la.

It’s been a stressful week and I could sure use the levity of a night out downtown with friends.

I think this moving thing might be starting to get to me.  Either that or PMS is reeeeealllly sticking around this time.  Gotta find a way to chillax.

Some ideas, please.  Here are some things I’ve come up with:

 1. Get a sitter and go out for some laughs: Check.

2. Girls’ Night Out : Got one in the works for next week.

3. Meditation: I have been blessed with the desire to really be alone with God lately, and yet I, ashamedly, have not found the time for it much lately.  Going to really work on that one today.

4. Frequent prayer throughout the day: I have been forgetting to pray for what I need ALL day.

5. Hot chocolate (with mint):  I’ll try anything.

6. Blow off school:  We did that yesterday.  So we’re doing some today instead.  Usually Fridays are our days off.

7. Clean my house: I’m learning that a messy/dirty house can affect my mood.  Sometimes even the act of cleaning it lifts my spirits, as in the actual work.  What is wrong with me???
You guys have any other suggestions?

Oh yeah, and I forgot.  



Finishing up the school year (still about 6 weeks away)

"Why Just Survive" email that won't work

Finding a daytime sitter so I can have a WJS meeting with another coach who wants to refer clients to me.

First Communion practices and choir practices

Putting the house on the market

Getting the house ready to go on the market

Noelle's First Confession

Naughty boys who won't stop playing in my potting soil

Naughty boys who won't stop picking the neighbors' flowers (though they are kind enough/confused to pick a different neighbor's flowers each time

Hormonal twelve year old daughters

Hormonal issues myself

Making my disorganized child redo her work when it's beautiful outside (most days lately)

Cold/gray days outside when it's supposed to be spring, but at least we got work done for a change.

Files that are too big to upload and require re-scanning.  Ugh!

Which curriculum/curricula to use next year

How the HELL I'm going to show this house with seven kids in it

Potty training my boys

My stress.  Yes, I'm stressing about my stress because it's a little early to be PMS'ing, and yet here it is.  Does this mean that it's going to start earlier as I get older?  Lord help me.