Sundays around here revolve around football.  It wasn't always this way, but since the kids have become fans of the game, I am completely outnumbered.  If you can't beat 'em ... get into the game too!

So after the big Steelers game every week, we head on over to the local bowling alley that has always treated us well.  They either give us free shoes, or an hourly rate ... very inexpensive fun for this big family.  Things have gotten very competitive, in such a fun way, because one is not necessarily better because one is older.  Seems like the person who did well last time won't necessarily get the best score this week.  There is lots of laughter and lots of ribbing, and these kids are getting the hang of graciously winning, and graciously losing.  Matt is still not so good on the losing part, but since that doesn't happen that often I don't have so much to worry about there.  ; )

We usually eat out once in a weekend, and it's usually Sunday.  Tonight we had dinner out with my parents.  The kids think it's SUCH a treat to see them, and the little ones really enjoy showing off their latest accomplishments such as winking or whistiling.  I've got great parents, and always enjoy spending a little time with them.  LIfe is good.

Around here, if you’re not a Steeler’s fan, you’re not having fun.  Matt has been a Steeler’s fan for years (it all started with a teenager trying to irritate his father), and it has really rubbed off on the kids.  This year, it has even gotten to me.  It’s fun to have your team go to the Superbowl!  The kids have been so psyched, and really getting into it.  Game day is gonna rock!