We brought home some Happy Meal boxes today.
And oh my!  Look what was inside!
My kids and I have been discussing what I knew about the Issues on the Ohio ballot, but tonight was the real discussion.  I had to look up the details to a few, and involved them in my research.  it was fascinating to watch my critical thinkers ask the following about Issue 1 (which proposes an amendment to the Ohio Constitution to give a bonus to vets of the Gulf conflicts of a decade ago).  Some of their questions were:

How much money are they proposing Ohio borrow?
How long will it take to pay it off?
How much are the vets and families getting?
What is the financial status of Ohio at this time?
Is this something that governments do (asking about precedent here)?
How will it get paid back?
Is Ohio the position to be going into debt over this?

I was so impressed!  It was fascinating to watch their sharp minds really, really think through these issues and the ramifications of government involvement.  I wonder how many people vote without having done their research, or who cannot think through all details and effects of proposed issues? 

We also discussed Issue 2, of which i am fairly well informed.  (Vote NO!)  It was a good chance to teach my kids when something that has merit must be sent back the drawing board because the solution is poorly laid out and ripe for corruption.  It was a great opportunity to show them that we voters are not forced to accept what is put in front of us, or else succumb to the fear that proponents invariably incite in order to push their agenda.  Say no, and tell them to come back with something acceptable!

I hope you'll vote on Tuesday, after having educated yourself on the issues.  The only thing more dangerous than citizens who don't vote is voting citizens who are not informed enough to know that they are cattle being herded into the booths to vote the agenda of whichever group of people has the most amount of money.

We have chickens.  No, I am not putting the cart before the horse.  No, I am not becoming a farmer (farmette) before my time.  Seriously, I think God is on my side in this and this is how he's letting me know.

Friends of ours who are on the board of the Campbell County Fairgrounds invited us to check out how to have fun Kentucky Style at the fair.  Much to our girls' surprise and happiness, they entered all the kids in the chicken rodeo.  Easy enough, you and a partner chase the chickens between the "goal".  At the end, they turn the chickens loose and if you catch 'em, you keep 'em.  Our friend, the Kentuckian, was chanting "please no kids with chickens, please no kids with chickens" and ended up with one.  Matt and I on the other hand, were cheering our kids on and doing the arm pumping when Noelle came up with one, and then later Julia.

The girls treat these chickens like they're family, of course, making harnasses to walk them and picking "Sour grass" because they love to eat it.  These chickens are keeping us in stitches too!  One of the sounds like she is a rooster ... when we stick her in the box she starts squawking like she is mad!

The girls are in heaven.  They are saying things like "this is my best day ever!"  " I never thought I would be coming home with a pet today!"  "I love chickens, they're so CUUUUTE!"  Hilarious.  But it got them out of bed on time this morning for our official first day of school!  :-)  Those pictures are just a few minutes after they got up.  Mia woke me up saying, "Mom, the chickens are screaming."  As you can imagine, I was very confused.  One of them sounds like a rooster!!!

So yes, it's the first day of school.  We started last week, but we skipped a few subjects, and didn't wake up early -- it was very casual.  It whetted their appetite, though, and now we are raring to go!  Today was supposed to be "Goal Day", but now we have to go shopping for chicken feed and a pen!

I have a goal to stop in here most days to blog.  I miss it.  I miss  you guys.  It's my way to journal.  Besides, I know you all want to live vicariously through me with these chickens!!!

Updated:  I feel like an idiot.  "That chicken crows like a rooster."  Well, guess what?  It IS a rooster!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We found the spur on it's foot underneath its feathers.  Does this mean we will have baby chicks soon???  WE ARE LOVING THIS!


Seriously, I can't believe your still even checking this blog.  it's been nearly 3 weeks since I've posted and it only seems like a few hours.  Time is flying by because I'm immersed up to my eyeballs in all things moving and school and potty training.  Finishing school, that is.  And not actually moving but trying to, that is.  And gearing up for potty training, not actually starting the training, but it's crowding my brainspace.

Once we start living at the pool to avoid messing up the house, I'll have a harder time blogging but I've got a plan.  You see, my philosophy goes this way: if i had a laptop, then i could blog EVERYWHERE and ... and therefore I need a laptop.  Because you guys are THAT important.

But since I won't be getting a laptop, I'm just going to have to try to be a little more determined about regular updates.  What good is it having a blog if I'm not going to keep it up a little better?  I'll have to carve out a little time in between searching for new homes to say hello to my blog buddies.

First I'll start by giving myself a little accountability partner (that's you).  I'll be posting photos of the rooms that I photograph to put on the MLS, and I need a little deadline.  How about by Monday?  Done.

I'll try to see you around more often.