I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged.  I had actually decided not to.  At all.  Ever again. I was sick of the pressure I put on myself ... I just don't have time and mostly am not inspired to write these days.  I'm too busy enjoying my children.

And then something happened today that I wanted to mark, and I realized that that is why I blog -- it's a record of what happens in our lives.  I don't care if no one reads it; I want to be able to look back on this and know what happended in our lives.  I have such a bad memory that if I don't record it, I will forget it.  My memory is so bad, that at times I have read old posts on my blog and literally could almost not believe that I, myself, wrote it.  If I did not have proof, I would swear that someone else wrote it, lived it even.

So here is the record of a great day in the Z Household:
Mia has lost her first tooth!  She pulled it herself after much drama and stress, and then immediately made me text her Daddy and call her best friend/cousin, Stella (who also shared the great joy of her fist tooth loss with Mia).  There is such a rash of smiliing and glee around here ... I truly wonder if it is one of the greatest days in a girl's life.  She has waited SO LONG for this day!  Congratulations, Peanut!  I love you!
I know there's a smudge on the lens, but I can't tell you how much I love this photo.  This is the kind of wonderfulness that happens when we have nowhere to go.  Love those kinds of evenings.  Daddy gets home from work, and sits in a chair, and memories happen.  <3

I've got a million things going on and to do in my life, some of which are important, and some of which ... not so much.  But in spite of it all, or maybe because of it all (hello, procrastination?  my best friend.) I lay out in the sun today for over an hour.

OK, in my defense, the first 20 minutes of it we did school, until we all got sleepy.  Then some of the perkier girls started playing Spa and I was the lucky recipient of some free foot massages.  Mia, who is no bigger than a minute, was putting lotion on my legs while I was lying on my stomach.  She was feeling quite the part and as she squirted some lotion into her hand and rubbed them together, she surprised me a little when she said, "Now I'n gonna rub some here, (slap!) on this big, fat part.


My upper thigh.  Greaaaat.  Thanks, Mia, for the little boost I needed to get back to good eating habits.  And I think I'll add one extra day at the gym.  No more bikinis around that girl.  Too hard on my ego.