Valentine's Day is one day that my husband can completely ignore, and I would never hold it against him.  It holds no meaning for me, save for the fact that it is the feastday of a Catholic Saint.

But to continue the trend of his insanity, he came home with a present for me yesterday.  He claims it was for Valentine's Day, but I suspect that he's been looking around for something since my birthday.  (He doesn't always consider it necessary to buy my something on the other days either.)

Guess what I got?


A laptop!!  My not-so-subtle hint worked!

I don't know that I needed it so much, except an extra computer has been considered for some time since I use mine for school.  And why not a laptop?  I could blog from the pool this summer.  I could do Quicken on the couch as we watch Food Network at night.  I could blog at the park!  Life is going to be sweet this summer ...