Didn't mean to go this short, but I like it!
Jonny took this one!

It's all gonna be OK.  As you can see from this photo, the boo-boo is healing nicely and might be unnoticeable in a mere few weeks.  Just thought you needed to know I cancelled my appointment with the plastic surgeon (kidding).

On a side note, if someone copies your hairstyle, are you flattered or insulted?  Check into the poll below?


If someone copies your hairstyle, are you annoyed or flattered?
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So here it is.  I feel like Frankenstein's monster.  It's bruised and swollen, but otherwise not very painful.  I'm just worried about a scar.  :-(

Did yesterday's unique disaster stop me from getting my hair done last night?  Heck no!  What kind of person do you think I am?

Here are the photos of the new(er) me.  This is the color I'm thinking I will stay with because the other blonde was hurting my eyes, and grew out way too quickly.  I think the angle is a little sharper and the length is a little shorter this time too, but I wish it were a little shorter and little sharper.  I'm training my hairstylist not to be so conservative every time.

This one shows the angle better, and the next one shows the color more truly.

Look Moxie and April, I'm wearing the earrings!