There's been a tragedy at the Z house.

I came upon this poor soul as I was headed upstairs to put away laundry.  I hardly knew him, and I had no idea his end was near.

What I find even more tragic is the state of my kids' coats behind him.  Will I ever get hooks for coats???  When you're renting, you just keep thinking "we'll be moving soon" and things like THIS happen!  Oh well, life could be worse, right?

See you around!

Matt and I heard this on the radio the other day and got a good laugh.  My kids think it's so funny!  If you're bored, go for it.

Our 4 days in Chicago were exhausting and fun, the highlight being the beach for me, of course.  It was surprisingly aqua-colored and clean, and for a moment I could pretend I was back in Hilton Head.  Is that wrong, fantasizing about one vacation when you are on another?

Braving the cold water together.

Braving the deep, cold water together.

Cutie patootie.

Points if you can find the "that's so Matt" part of this photo.

OK, I'm very sorry for the eyeball scars on this one, but I just had to document it because it was just so unbelievable.  This was the one bad thing about the beach -- families that lack etiquette.  She is -- you guessed it -- cleaning and clipping his toenails on the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Quick, grab the barf bag!  Ugh!



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Following is a lesson in the difference between boys and girls that I'm just now learning, since it took me so long to have boys.  I just LOVE little boys.

: Mom, an I gonna die? (pointing to himself)
Me: Well, we're all going to die someday, but you'll probably be old.
Owen: But if I ate five sugars, will I die?
Me: No.  Sugar can make you sick if you eat too much, but you're not going to die.  Why?  Who told you that?  Where did you hear about it?
Owen:  Nowhere.  I just went in the pantry and I stealed some sugar, and I want to know if I'n gonna die.
Me: You did?  Can you show me?
Owen:  Sure.  Here.  An' I sweeped all these crumbs away so you wouldn't see them.

Now, in my experience, most girls wouldn't be quiiiiite this forthright.  They have so many good qualities, but in this particular category (that being "candor"), there probably would have been a lot more song and dance.  Makes me want to hug my big sweetie, because he so much the same way about admitting his faults.  He's just a grown up little boy.  There really are so many good things about guys, aren't there?


Do this fun thing:

Go to google, type in quotation marks around the words unfortunately and your name.  You will get a good laugh about the first 10 things or so that you see.

You could also do "______ needs. " You should get a good laugh.

Mine is usually grim, since poor Natalee Halloway had the same spelling as mine.  Nothing but sadness to report there, but hopefully you'll have better luck. 


Matt and I were chatting over dinner the other night (the one we had out ALONE), and I was relating to him a conversation I had had with my sister earlier that day.  She is attending birthing classes, and I was casually telling Matt that her first class on childbirth was actually the class on breastfeeding.  The first video was an innocent view of the back of the baby’s head and the mother’s breast, but others were not so discreet and the baby’s father was a little taken aback had exclaimed that he’d never seen so many ‘boobs’ in his whole life.


Well, apparently Matt missed the word “video”.  He kept looking at me with this smirk on his face … and finally said to me, “Really, they do that?”  I was confused.  I mean, I know we never attended a birthing class, but was that so hard to believe that there would be videos of breasts in a breastfeeding class?


He thought there were LIVE women’s breasts all over the place.  No babies, just women and their partners -- and other women’s partners – and their breasts.




The scene: dinner at the Z house

Owen (to Mia): I’m your boyfriend

(Mia smiles lovingly at Owen.)
Me: You guys.  Why can’t you just say you’re her husband?  Then you can be the mom and the dad, and you can love each other.

Mia (in earnest): But I don’t want to be a mom!

Me: Why not?  Being a mom is cool.

(Mia looks skeptical.)

Me: What, you don’t think Moms are cool?

Mia (without skipping a beat): NO.  All they do is tell their kids what to do all day.

Noelle:  Nah-uh, Mia.  They do work all the time too … but they LIKE it.  They learn ways to make it fun over the years.
It seems my “hip mom” designation is in question.  Apparently so is my sanity, but hey, at least they know I’m working hard!

 This whole conversation, as cute as it is, is why I need to remove myself from neighborhood influences.  I mean, what ever happened to little girls wanting to me mommies, instead of girlfriends!!???

One other cute thing …

I scolded Owen for pestering me about Halloween candy, so he went into the other room and came back with these on

and said, “Mom, now I have these on so you can’t yell at me.”  
LOL!  He found these in a box of Matt’s old stuff.  They are to be worn in a firing range.  Does that give you any idea of my stress level these days? 


OK, totally cute … Elena sent my brother -- a new-recruit Marine – a letter today.  This was a fun assignment instead of the usual grammar.  (See how awesome homeschooling is?!)  She asked him if he planned to trick-or-treat, and if so, what he planned to go dressed as.  LOL!

Um … my guess is “no” and if he did go he’d be going as “soldier who’s getting his butt kicked”.

 She also wanted to know if he planned to go anywhere anytime soon.  OK, that would be another “no”.  Thank God he will know her innocence, or else it might look like she was taunting him!  He will get such a kick out of it!

 I miss that guy!