When I added up everything involved in what I thought was going to be another $20 outfit, I found that it was a $30 outfit.  Boo.

I'll include a small photo of it for your viewing pleasure, but it's sort of irrelevant now!  It's a much cuter outfit in person anyway.  :-(


Here's the old post:

Well, here's one of my outfits.

Trench Dress (Forever XXI) from Goodwill - $6.50

Shoes from T.J. Maxx - $20 (but I only paid $10 -- a bonus of having a sister with the same size feet and taste

Earrings from Glitter -- $1.  Not kidding.

I know it's sort of a boring outfit, what with all the one color and all, but hey, it's under $20.  That's not easy.  I have a couple more finds from Goodwill, but I might have to leave the shoes out if I'm going to have anything interesting going on.  I'll be sure to post.


You may not know this about me, but I rarely buy expensive clothes.  I take such pride in my bargains, and I don't mind shopping at thrift stores.  The great thing?  I think I do it so well that most people would never guess.  Or am I delusional?

I totally want to do this challenge!

I will post here when I get my camera to behave.  I might even do more than one!


If I had an appropriate place to wear these ...

Is there such thing as immodest boots?  :-)

Hey, is this turning into a fashion blog?


I wanted to post this picture because I was so impressed with Julia's color choices.  I bough her this clay colored dress/shirt that she was wearing over jeans, and she paired it with her Panama-inspired necklace, which she picked herself.  I don't know if the photo gives it justice, but the colors, shades, tints all worked great together ... and she is only 11.  Almost twelve.  Can't forget that part.

Plus, isn't she getting beautiful?