Dieter coughed up the money because we would not budge.  Pay or move out, is literally what we told them.  Lo and behold! He found the money.

So now all we have to do it wait around and see if they actually close.  I’ll tell you one thing he wasn’t lying about: they painted.  We drove by and our door is pinkish-something, and the lights in the open windows let us see that our walls are different too.  How did I know this guy lacked taste?

In other news, I’ve just recently won a mini-battle with the school secretary at Jonny’s old school.  She raised some kind of H-E-Double Hockeysticks because I didn’t jump through hoops and send her something she had no right to ask for.  After several days of anxiety ( I totally overreact to this kind of stuff) and several phone calls with nicer but equally ignorant higher-ups, I now have everyone agreeing that I was completely compliant, that they don’t indeed have to give me permission to homeschool, and all is well.  I was nice (except to Mrs. Chapman) but very firm.  It helps to know the law inside and out on this!

One last bit … I got some news recently about a loved one.  I’m not at liberty to discuss, but if you have any extra prayers or moments, I would appreciate if you’d pray for the family involved.

I hope to be around here a little more often – I finally have internet in the main area again – but now that I’m homeschooling SIX kids, I am so incredibly busy.  I hardly have time to … well, you know.  Most of yoou are parents.  You also don’t have time to “you know.”  J  But I’m still loving every minute of it, and can’t believe I’m so blessed to be able to do this!


After two days of them living in our house without an agreement in place, we seem to be close to something.  We have asked them to up the Earnest Money again, payable to us immediately if they do not close Dec. 12.  We have asked for the money that they owe us for having lived in the house until the closing, a full month's rent, and the ability to show the house as a backup.

They claim they cannot give us the additional earnest money, but that they have already put $3000 in replacements into the new house so they "plan to stay."  Matt told our realtor that if they cannot afford more earnest money which they will GET BACK if they fullful their end of the bargain, then they should not be doing anything to OUR HOUSE.   We told them it's not negotiable and they should make arrangements to move out tomorrow if we don't have an agreement in place by tonight.

The only reason we're still dealing with these guys is because our realtor's in-house mortgage company said they see no reason why he couldn't get a loan.  Then why don't they have one????  We're trying not to let it get ugly if we can still get a buyer out of the deal, but they are making it hard.  You'd think they'd at least fork over the money they owe us for living there last week, as a sign of good faith!!!

I will update tonight after we hear from them ... or after their deadline expires, whichever comes first.

Oy, the stress!





In a bizarre 11th Hour twist, our realtor called us last night to say that closing will not be today.  I woke up this morning thinking it was all a dream.  But it's not.

Apparently this guy owns his own financial company and it's tanking.  He's unable to secure a loan two conventional ways, and it doesn't seem likely he's going to get the FHA loan either.  That he only knew this hours before closing is pretty suspect.

At this point we have a right to take his escrowed Earnest Money (which was doubled because they were moving in before closing), and if our realtor's mortgage company isn't able to assure us they'll get a loan we will probably have to start getting them out of our house.

My kids keep asking if we're going to have to move again.  Never say never, I guess, but that's a reeeeeaaaaaly hard thought right now.

On a good note, a lady had just contacted our realtor the other day saying that she was watching the "pending" on our old house and wanted to know if he thought it was actually going to close.  We might try to get her to go through the house and see if she'll make an offer.  That would certainly give us some leverage.

Oh, and the title of this post?  That's the guy's name.  And he lives up to it every little bit.


We are in our new house.  It's midnight, I'm exhausted, and I'm blogging.  Wow, my dedication blows me away!  ; )

Seriously, that was so much work, and it's only about half over.  We still have a few more things to move tomorrow, and we have to clean that place.  Ugh.  And then we have to unpack.  I'm about 1/8 of the way through that.

But I wanted to blog to say I freaking love this house.  I hate the yard, but I will not want to leave this house.  I am so blessed and grateful to be able to live in such a beautiful, spacious place.

My kids worked so, so hard today.  And the younger ones got their dream come true -- cereal for dinner for only the second time in their lives.  The big ones opted for the fried chicken with the movers.

OK, gotta go post on so that we don't have to move one dresser.  It had to go anyway, but I seriously considered chucking some perfectly good things toward the end just so we wouldn't have to move them!


Matt and I were chatting over dinner the other night (the one we had out ALONE), and I was relating to him a conversation I had had with my sister earlier that day.  She is attending birthing classes, and I was casually telling Matt that her first class on childbirth was actually the class on breastfeeding.  The first video was an innocent view of the back of the baby’s head and the mother’s breast, but others were not so discreet and the baby’s father was a little taken aback had exclaimed that he’d never seen so many ‘boobs’ in his whole life.


Well, apparently Matt missed the word “video”.  He kept looking at me with this smirk on his face … and finally said to me, “Really, they do that?”  I was confused.  I mean, I know we never attended a birthing class, but was that so hard to believe that there would be videos of breasts in a breastfeeding class?


He thought there were LIVE women’s breasts all over the place.  No babies, just women and their partners -- and other women’s partners – and their breasts.




The scene: dinner at the Z house

Owen (to Mia): I’m your boyfriend

(Mia smiles lovingly at Owen.)
Me: You guys.  Why can’t you just say you’re her husband?  Then you can be the mom and the dad, and you can love each other.

Mia (in earnest): But I don’t want to be a mom!

Me: Why not?  Being a mom is cool.

(Mia looks skeptical.)

Me: What, you don’t think Moms are cool?

Mia (without skipping a beat): NO.  All they do is tell their kids what to do all day.

Noelle:  Nah-uh, Mia.  They do work all the time too … but they LIKE it.  They learn ways to make it fun over the years.
It seems my “hip mom” designation is in question.  Apparently so is my sanity, but hey, at least they know I’m working hard!

 This whole conversation, as cute as it is, is why I need to remove myself from neighborhood influences.  I mean, what ever happened to little girls wanting to me mommies, instead of girlfriends!!???

One other cute thing …

I scolded Owen for pestering me about Halloween candy, so he went into the other room and came back with these on

and said, “Mom, now I have these on so you can’t yell at me.”  
LOL!  He found these in a box of Matt’s old stuff.  They are to be worn in a firing range.  Does that give you any idea of my stress level these days? 


Here are some photos of the younger ones.  I didn't get good pics of the older ones, and let's face it -- they're just not as cute as the little ones.  :-)  Alice, the Cheshire Cat and Dina are my neices.  They were all so cute!


No, not at the new house.  That's happening on Saturday.  I mean we have arrived .

Sunday night we went out.  By ourselves.  And our babysitter was free and IN- HOUSE!!!!!!  Woo hoo!  We were ¼ mile away from home, but it was the best darn cheeseburger and Corona I had ever had.  And it made me smile after I was feeling blue.  And we had a very good laugh together.  And did I mention that our eldest was the babysitter and she is FREE?

 Notice to all ye parents in the trenches:

 (That means you if you meet one of the following criteria:
You have all little kids and you still stress out about how you’re going to attend gynecological appointments with your children, or wonder how you’re going to find someone to watch your kids during the day when healthy/normal/responsible people usually are working or watching their own kids.)


BE ENCOURAGED.  I have waited a dang long time for this, but the light at the end of the tunnel really, really is there.  It really is.  And it’s just as pretty as it looked when you first saw it the first time your oldest child saved your fanny (while still a toddler) by getting you some baby wipes while you stood there with newborn poop all over you.