So here it is.  I feel like Frankenstein's monster.  It's bruised and swollen, but otherwise not very painful.  I'm just worried about a scar.  :-(

Did yesterday's unique disaster stop me from getting my hair done last night?  Heck no!  What kind of person do you think I am?

Here are the photos of the new(er) me.  This is the color I'm thinking I will stay with because the other blonde was hurting my eyes, and grew out way too quickly.  I think the angle is a little sharper and the length is a little shorter this time too, but I wish it were a little shorter and little sharper.  I'm training my hairstylist not to be so conservative every time.

This one shows the angle better, and the next one shows the color more truly.

Look Moxie and April, I'm wearing the earrings!


The dude showed up this morning, kicked everybody out of the basement, and went to work.  AAAGGHH!  I have rainy days coming ... what exactly am I supposed to do with these kids.  Jonny is on spring break, for Heaven's sake!  I guess it will be good practice for them to play and  make no messes -- in preparation for the house going on the market.

Matt wants to give it a try, even though the chances are slim that we'll sell.  We aren't desperate, but it's a pretty painful process to show and get it ready.  But you never know ...

If nothing else, this should challenge us to kick our standards up a notch, dejunk (some more) and put some things in storage.


Now here are some photos that I've been meaning to post ...

Elena's new haircut by Moi.  We are calling her Posh.

Update:  Jonny just winged a toy at my head during a clean up (total accident), and now I have a half-inch gash in my head.  I have to go get stitches.  This day started out good and has been going downhill ever since.  Please, Lord, could this be it?