We don't usually do gruesome costumes, but I justified this and gave Owen a lesson on the Ancient Egyptian burial practices.  :P

He is OBSESSED with mummies, in the same way that he is obsessed with superheroes and spiders.  It's usually a love-hate thing, and total fascination.  Jonny was the cutest cowboy ever, and literally got TWICE as much candy as everyone else because he would tip his hat and say Yeehaw!  Love it!

My little Mia -- here with her cousin Paige, Owen and Jonny -- was a kitty cat like none other.

Elena was a Steeler's cheerleader.  Some people said, "Oh .... I'm sorry.  We don't give candy to Steelers fans."  Darn Bengals fans!  They gave it to her anyway, probably because she was so cute.  And some gave her two pieces because of her Steeler Nation status.  :-)

Hope was a beautiful bridesmaid.  She doesn't know that I know ithis idea for a costume she had was just a ploy to get this beautiful dress in her closet.  :)-

Noelle was at a party and I missed a photo of her (Dude, my camera was broken that night and I was relying on other's charity!), and Julia didn't do much in the way of dressing up ...  What can I say, I'm a bad mom!!!  (I am going to try to get her to dress up again and snap one of her.)



11/06/2009 16:32

Paigey looks so grown up in that pic! I am not at all OK with this!

11/07/2009 15:30

Love looking at the pictures. Owen looks awesome.

11/21/2009 06:01

Mo, grown up and BEAUTIFUL! You shouldn't be OK with either. When she gets Julia's age, you'll start to panic she'll figure it out!!!


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