Around here, if you’re not a Steeler’s fan, you’re not having fun.  Matt has been a Steeler’s fan for years (it all started with a teenager trying to irritate his father), and it has really rubbed off on the kids.  This year, it has even gotten to me.  It’s fun to have your team go to the Superbowl!  The kids have been so psyched, and really getting into it.  Game day is gonna rock!



Carolyn Foret
01/27/2009 18:37

It is so much fun having something the whold family really likes. Enjoy the game. Love you guys.

01/28/2009 08:29

okay... Owen looks like a 5 year old!!!! WAHHHHH!!

I didn't even know who was in the Superbowl until you said that.... :)


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